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The Intuitive Times is your Internet hub for your Spiritual explorations in the Intuitive Arts. Our mission is to connect you to your own Intuitive gifts to further your development and evolution on the spiritual path.

Our five senses only offer us a limited bandwidth in which to explore our world and the people around us. We cannot hear as well as a dog or see as precisely as an Eagle; nor can we smell, taste or touch as sensitively as other creatures. Thus, we often miss the subtle cues and clues in social situations and in nature. There is a whole unseen world that exists just outside of our range. The ability to tap into this world requires us to move from the analytical left side of our brain to the deeper intuitive, instinctual, and imaginative right side. It is there that the Spiritual dimensions make themselves known.

The world as we once perceived it is changing. We are learning more about who we really are and what our place is in the Universe. Don’t get stuck in the old paradigm! It’s time to evolve and deepen the sense of who you really are.

Come join us as we develop and explore the Intuitive gifts we all have at various levels and seek out those who have honed their own gifts and are being of service to those who need a hand on this delightful and sometimes challenging path to self-growth, self-development, and enrichment.