Astrological Influences for 2021

Happy New Year and Many Blessings to all my readers and community. May the New Year bless you with abundance and joy!

2020 was certainly a challenging year for all of us Worldwide. We seem to be under assault from every direction and from every institution, all at once. We’ve woken up to the fact that nothing makes sense, nobody is telling the truth, and we are in the spin cycle of some mad capped machine of chaos. We’ve grown suspicious and mistrusting for good reason; lonely, annoyed, and probably fed up, as well. Such is the great planet of Uranus transiting Taurus.

Many folks don’t consider Astrology as worthy of serious consideration in the events and circumstances of their daily lives. Yet, our Ancestors watched the sky, the stars, and the movements of the planets for thousands of years. They developed various systems from where they were located and correlated such movements with the events in their day. When new planets or stars were discovered, they added those to their list of Astrological influencers. They built their systems on observations of everything around them. For them, everything had a meaning, an influence, an impact.


I do not expect 2021 to be an easy year. Uranus, the planet of revolution, innovation, change, chaos, freedom, and certainly the unexpected, is now transiting the sign of Taurus; always steady, hardworking, slow, rooted, grounded, practical in life and finances. Taurus hates change. Guess who came to dinner? Mr. Change, himself.

Yet, change is what is probably needed. I ponder the different areas of my life that have become too calcified, brittle, and restrictive; I look at habits, routines, and beliefs that are just no longer serving me. In as much as I don’t particularly care for sudden and unexpected change, at some point the past just needs to go so that new ideas and fresh approaches can begin to grow.

We can use this chaotic energy of the unexpected to our own benefit. Ask yourself, “What needs to change in my own life?” Clear out the toxic friends and family members that have become a real pain; go find another job if the one you have is not fulfilling; develop other skills, learn something new. Maybe it’s time to relocate to greener pastures, go in a different direction, open up your view and cast a wider net.

Even if you are locked down by the “scourge”, restricted in your movements, change can be effected from the inside. Ultimately, change is an inside job.


This lovely transit is squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius, the innovator, full of ideas and ideals; the revolutionary, the freedom fighter. Jupiter is ever optimistic, expansive, jovial, and lucky is saddled with his strait-laced pal, Saturn, ready with the bucket of cold water of practicality at his side. When Jupiter is all optimistic and rose-colored glasses, Saturn is there for the smackdown.

Although it may appear this marriage of opposites could be filled with tension, the truth is these energies balance each other so that neither one gets too far afield. Where Jupiter is all “Yeah, let’s do this!”, Saturn wants to know if we’ve got what we need to make it happen: enough money? tools? time? support? resources? Saturn offers focus, discipline, and forethought so that you, with all this Jupiter energy, can move forward.

This alignment offers us an opportunity to dream big but also be practical in the execution of those dreams. Step by step, challenge by challenge, keep moving forward, making plans that are flexible and adaptable to the changes ahead.



Neptune is still transiting Pisces. This can cause a bit of dreaminess and a lack of clarity. However, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so all things psychic, intuitive, and creative are available energies to tap into to help you move in the direction you want to go in.

Pluto continues transiting Capricorn, so the bodies are piling up as the truth of what was once hidden surfaces. Yet, as uncomfortable (albeit sometimes nauseating) as this can get, keep in mind your own truths are surfacing, as well. Take stock of your own life. Maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at who you really are, what you really know, and what you really believe. Perhaps it’s time to give your own life some real meaning and depth. Determine your own truth and take your power back.

As difficult as the present seems to be, keep in mind that it’s not all doom and gloom. Opportunities abound if we look for them. The only true purpose in life is your own personal development. How you manifest that is up to you. Your work, your relationships, your choices are your vehicle for transformation and your soul’s evolution. Everything that happens to you has meaning. Everything is either a lesson or information.

We, like our ancestors before us, are being swept up in a rising tide of change and disruption. Creation and destruction go hand in hand. It is up to us to determine how we can use these energies to our own advantage, how we can grow and evolve. Invest in yourself. Invest in your well-being. You are worth it. Ultimately, 2021 may turn out to be the best year you never thought could happen.

Good luck my friends and may you be ever blessed on your journey.

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