Inner Light Spiritual Services

Inner Light Spiritual Services

Inner Light Spiritual Services offers Spiritual advise and counseling through one-on-one in person or by Zoom counseling sessions, Divination, Astrological Soul Mapping, Soul Retrievals, and Energy balancing and healing.

When we pass through a life, the unfinished business or Karma that was not able to be processed folds up in the Astral realm and is put away for the time we are there. The Spiritual realm is not the place to work through these issues. But when we reincarnate, all manner of situations, relationships, circumstances, and events will trigger an enfoldment, like water on a dry sponge. After a while, if you are paying attention, you will begin to see the patterns taking shape again and again. The facts may change but the pattern looks familiar.

Spiritual Advice and Counsel

Our primary focus is to help you become clear and to understand the Spiritual support that is available to you. To see intuitively what may be blocking or hindering progress toward Consciousness and to uncover practical steps, actions to take, directions to go in when you feel stuck or limited.

A session may include hypnosis to reach the subconscious; past-life regression to explore lingering karmic patterns or traumatic events that are having an effect in the present life; or simply a safe place to talk about what’s going on now, what problems or issues that are presenting themselves, and what can be utilized to create a better, happier, and healthier life.

60 Minutes for $90

Inner Light Divination Readings

An Inner Light reading will help you connect to your own inner intuition and to the Higher Self by seeing our soul patterns. A reading may indicate what Karma you are working through and the Soul agreements you have made both in this life and in past lives. Inner Light Divination offers readings that provide guidance and Spiritual advise in addressing your current situation, the past patterns, and influences that may still be active, and what the future may hold given actions that are undertaken, decisions made and choices considered.

60 Minutes for $80

Astrological Soul Mapping

Astrological Soul Mapping is an astrological analysis based on the Natal Chart of what you have come here to learn, complete, and accomplish for soul advancement. The Natal Chart shows what energies were active in a respective house at the time of your birth. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, give you an indication of what past life issues are still active and in need of resolution. We look at the evolutionary soul process of past life karma that needs to be resolved, balanced and healed and the Dharma of your current life situation where this is being played out.

90 Minutes for $150

Soul Retrieval

Many times in our lives we may encounter traumatic experiences that leave an energy imprint in our nervous system. In an effort to protect the psyche from further harm, the mind will create ego states or sub-personalities as a defense mechanism. These often will appear when other triggering events occur, marshaling our emotional responses that may be out of line with the event that is present. These sub ego states may show up as resistance, reluctance, avoiding, over-work, indulgences or any other inappropriate conduct or reaction that prevents us from moving forward. Often times, a part of the soul will flee leaving one bereft, feeling empty or hollow, feeling like something is missing, unable to completely heal or cope.

The Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic Ceremony where the Shaman will journey with the Power Animal or Retrieval Spirit to the Spirit World where the soul part is residing in order to bring it back to you to be re-introduced and integrated. This will allow you to begin the healing process toward wholeness. Memories may linger but the emotional sting will be tempered enough to give you space and time to consider better choices.