Listing your Services


Are you struggling for new clients? Do you want to grow your Healing or Intuitive business? Do you need help with marketing your services? Come join The Intuitive Times and list your services with us. We are an interconnected on-line intuitive community of seekers and healers. Our audience comes to our site to seek information about Spiritual subjects that are important to them for their own growth and personal path of soul expression. They are looking for reputable healers and readers, like you, to help them heal and grow. Our community is open to Soul and Energy healing, Intuitive guidance, retreats to restore body, mind and spirit, undertake pilgrimage to places of Sacred Power and to raise our vibration.

The Intuitive Times will help you build your Healing Practice or Intuitive work by promoting your classes, seminars, lectures, books and events. We invite you to submit articles of interest on Spiritual subjects while providing author attribution with a link to your website. By becoming a part of our community and referral network, you’ll be of service to those in need of guidance, reassurance and connection to the divine. You have important work to do as Lightworkers and The Intuitive Times is here to help you connect to those people who are seeking your services. Here are the benefits to you:

  • Enhance your reputation as a healer or reader
  • Build your practice or client base
  • Publish your articles and drive potential clients to your website
  • Promote your classes, seminars and immersions
  • Promote your books with reviews and links to where to buy
  • Advertise and promote your events, fairs and retreats where you will be teaching and/or reading
  • Advertise and promote your Retreat Center to our Community with articles and special offers
  • Advertise and promote your Fair, Event or Conference to our Community with articles and special offers

All you need to do is contact us at and provide us with the following:

  • Full name
  • Contact information: we need a phone number, an email address and your website URL.
  • A Photo of yourself if you are a Reader or Practitioner or Class Teacher(400 x400 dpi)
  • Two to three photos of your Retreat Center
  • Two to three photos of your Conference, Fair or Event or some kind of poster or display
  • A write up of about 200 words. We can help you with this.
  • We furnish the link so that those seeking your services can connect directly with your website and make their appointments directly with you.

The Cost of Listing is as follows:

  • If you are an Energy Practitioner or Intuitive Reader the listing cost is: $5 a month or $50 for the year, giving you 2 free months of listing.
  • If you are a Retreat Center, it’s $75 a month
  • If you are a Conference, Event or Fair it’s $90 a month
  • If you have a class you want to advertise it’s $20 a month until the class starts

We do not do Pop-up ads, flash ads or banner ads. We keep our advertising simple and clean. We will be offering small display ads soon in our sidebar areas.

We would be more that happy to do a blog post on you and your services or retreat or class; just let us know and we can arrange that. If you have an article you would like to post, send it to us and we’ll review it. Please make those articles educational and informative on the particular subject matter. We also would love to promote your books and videos with articles and links.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at: We look forward to hearing from you.