Tarot Card Success-Udemy

This course on Udemy.com is one of the best courses in Tarot Mastery I’ve ever taken. It is taught by Sal Jade. She is a gifted and patient teacher, her lessons very well laid out, and her Facebook group is filled with cool people. I really loved this class and highly recommend it! Here is the class description from the Udemy site:

Discover the #1 Most POPULAR Tarot Course on Udemy! This Bestselling Tarot Course has topped the Udemy charts for the past 5 years- also features free monthly bonus  Tarot seminars with your educational announcements! Recently updated September 2019


With over 9.5 hours of content- Tarot Card Success is way more than just the average tarot course where students learn Tarot Card Meanings while a teacher reads notes out over slides. This course will help you feel confident giving professional level Tarot Card Readings for fun or income.

What you’ll learn

  • Give accurate psychic readings with the tarot like a professional tarot reader
  • Use the tarot to rapidly improve your love life
  • Use the tarot to rapidly improve your business, career and finances
  • Consult the tarot for quick questions or more detailed readings up to 1 hour
  • Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to improve your life
  • Know the best way to consult the tarot for important decisions
  • Understand how to use the tarot to heal any challenge in your life

You can find this class at Udemy.com

And here’s Sal’s Website: https://saljade.com/

Sal has helped thousands of clients clear blockages to happiness through her Clairvoyant Healings and Readings and taught over 50,000 students Tarot, psychic development, past life therapy, removing psychic blocks, clairvoyant healing and how to build a successful psychic and healing business career.

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