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Jeffrey Allen

Position:Trainer Instructor
Experience:Energy Healer
The first time he started having strange, unusual experiences was during his college years. He saw paranormal things and he started to realize that there was a lot more happening in the world than he thought. The scientist in him wanted to know how it works and make sense out of it. His curiosity has guided him on a 15-year journey of working as an engineer and studying energy healing and intuition on the side. He never thought it could be more than a passion or a hobby until, one day, he came to a conclusion. “I realized that my engineering career wasn’t really helping anybody. It was just busywork. I was getting paid to think a lot and solve problems that weren’t important.” But that’s how energy works. It takes a little time. If you want to make graceful changes, you have to be patient. And so his job title changed from an engineer to an energy healer and teacher — and with that, his whole life as well.