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SpiritQuest Retreat Center Custom Built Retreats

Whether you’re healing from emotional trauma, going through a major life transition, or simply ready to embrace yourself as the master of your own life, now is the perfect time to experience for yourself the amazing transformation that has changed so many lives! SpiritQuest Retreat Center offers holistic spiritual, healing and yoga retreats in Sedona that can address all aspects of Mind, Body, and Spirit. We are the ONLY personal retreat company in Sedona with a Retreat Center!  We offer Private Customized Retreats as well as Group Retreats Events. Just let us know what you need and we will be there for you.

SpiritQuest Retreat Center is located in the very heart of Sedona, surrounded by the area’s most famous vortex sites: Cathedral Butte, Airport Mesa, Thunder Mountain and Boynton Canyon. You’ll notice the feeling of peace and serenity the moment you step through our door!

Your sessions will take place in one of our fabulous session rooms at our Retreat Center, in a tepee located just outside, at sacred vortex sites among the red rocks, or in private session rooms of our practitioners — all of which are within a 5-minute drive of our office. To complement our incredible location, SpiritQuest has assembled a special team of Sedona’s best yoga teachers, healers and guides together in a single organization.

The SpiritQuest® Retreat Center Mission:

SpiritQuest was founded in 2007 with a focus on holistic health and Mind, Body, Spirit connection. We believe that the best approach to living your best life is a well-rounded one. No one can heal you the way you can. Therefore, the main goal of SpiritQuest is Empowerment. We do not seek to be your gurus. We offer our services in our retreat center to help facilitate your own personal journey. We incorporate Yoga principles to help you find a balanced life. If you have chosen us, you have chosen a “quest.” Are you ready to do the work? SpiritQuest is a non-denominational, holistic retreat center.

Sedona Arizona is located sixteen miles from Oak Creek Canyon where it stands above the heat of Phoenix and below the snowline in Flagstaff. The town is surrounded with sandstone rocks and cliffs of dusky-rose and a glistening creek of stunning shades of the canyon floor. The sandstone in Sedona is literally covered in a bed of quartz sparkling in the rocks; so it is said that wherever you walk or sit you become part of the Universal Energy Force.

Sedona, Arizona travel destination for retreat

There are a vast amount of Sedona Vortexes hikes throughout the area that will allow visitors during a vacation or when on a retreat in Sedona to experience ancient healing grounds perched within the sandstone cliffs. Historic artifacts and records confirm Sedona Arizona has always been a sacred place to the Native American as they considered the area to be the birthplace of their spirituality. The natives sanctified the area for special spiritual ceremonies as they experienced deep spirit here, buried beneath the red rocks, the earth emanating a sacred high vibrational energy to the air.

This vibrational energy is known as spiritual vortex energy and it encompasses a circumference of about 22 miles, with Sedona being wrapped in spiritual vortex energy. Sedona vortex energy amplifies everything it comes in contact with, which means that everything you are feeling will be magnified. These vortexes are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, healing, meditation, and exploring your relationship with the divine.

This special energy field is known to locals as the “Spirit of Sedona,” a strong, creative, inspiring and loving feminine presence. The vortexes are described as the crossing points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system. This crossing point is believed to be the intersection between our physical world and the divine healing realm. Spiritual vortexes are said to assist in aligning spiritual properties, bringing together our spiritual makeup to create balance and harmony in the body.


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