Trout Lake Abbey

This is a space designated for finding peace. Please enter here with a willing heart and an open spirit. People of all faiths and religions are welcome; you do not “need” to be anything other than what you are while you are here. The many small Buddha statues are meant to inspire us to find peace. The term Buddha means “enlightened,” it also has a second meaning of “opening up” – like a flower budding. It is said that to look on the face of a Buddha carving will help our hearts to open up a bit. May your heart and the hearts of all beings open to peace.

During retreats, or at any time in our daily lives, turning our full attention to the activity of the moment is to collect the mind. This means when it’s time to eat, just eat, and when it’s time to sit, just sit. Usually, when we do a given activity, our attention is elsewhere. The quiet environment and simplified schedule of retreat allows us to concentrate on a single activity.

A  One-Day Retreat might be considered a very special day, it is also a very ordinary day. We are living our lives with more or less awareness. We observe thoughts and experience body sensations. We touch, smell, listen, look, no different from any other day, yet on this day we take the time to be mindful of everything we do, studying the Buddha way. Retreats at the MAZBT can last from 2 to 90 days. A retreat is an extended meditation that includes sitting meditation, chanting, Dharma talks, mindful work assignments, and a private meeting with the teacher. 

Attending a Retreat is an opportunity to cultivate concentration and awareness. We step back and slow down from our usual busy lives to engage with full attention, whatever it is we are doing. 

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