How Dreams Come True: The Power of Manifestation

“When you see it right and when you feel it right in the wholeness of your being, you then have created the condition that makes the result inevitable”.  Stretton Smith

You create your own reality”, is one of those pithy woo-woo sayings that most of us dismiss as ridiculous because we simply can’t believe we are powerful enough to do just that: create our own destiny, experience, and reality. Staring at you in the face is the truth you don’t want to hear; that every choice we consider, decisions we make and action we take, shapes the reality we experience. We avidly avoid taking responsibility for our present circumstance because let’s face it, it’s much easier to bitch and complain than to actually do something to make a change.

The Conscious mind can only do one thing at a time. It is the job of the Subconscious to do many things at once. The sub-conscious does this by memory out of experience and creating habits through repetition. Thus, if you want to create a change in the direction of your life you are going to need to start at the sub-conscious level.

It is within the realm of the Super-Conscious where desire and inspiration arises. It is the realm of ideas that create visions, dreams, and possibilities that infuse the imagination with the seeds of creation, bringing forth into physical reality the ideas that percolate with pictures of what could be. It is the realm that fuels inspired action towards manifestation.

In order to manifest anything, you have to start somewhere. The key to manifestation is essentially two-fold: The goal you are attempting to attain and the intention to bring that goal to fruition. Goals and intentions are not the same. The goal is the endpoint; the intention is the structure and direction you are going in. When you focus on the intention or, direction you are going in, you are in a better position to allow all manner of synchronicities to occur that helps you achieve your goal.

The formula is fairly straightforward: Desire + Vision + Intention + Will = Manifestation of the goal. What we are going to examine in this article is each of these parts so that you have an understanding of what needs to be applied and when. Each part has its own energy and each part also utilizes the energy of the other parts so that the entire formula builds on itself towards manifestation.


Let’s look at the first part of this formula, Desire. Desire is a two-edged sword. On the positive side of things, desire will arise when something in your life has gone to seed, isn’t working anymore or there is a lack somewhere. If you tune into your feelings, your intuition is telling you that whatever situation you are in, circumstance or event you are experiencing or relationship you are involved in, just isn’t creating an optimal experience of contentment, happiness or sense of purpose.

On the dark side of desire is where suffering occurs if you imbue your desire with all manner of attachments, obsessions, impulsive or compulsive energies. It’s as if you have this desire that suddenly takes on a life of its own and down the rabbit hole you go with all manner of unintended consequences as a result.

Let me give you an example of each. On the positive side, you come to see that the job you used to enjoy has become a pain in the ass. The folks you work for have lost sight of their mission and you are just not in synch with that change, or you’ve gone through one incompetent supervisor after another; or the job itself has changed and has become less than stellar; your efforts are no longer acknowledged or appreciated. The job has become purposeless and meaningless. Your desire arises to change the way you make your living in order to give what you do, your work, meaning, purpose, fulfillment and maybe some fun and profit along the way.

On the negative side, you meet someone and they are married to someone else and now you feed your desires with projections, fantasies, and worse, manipulations. You probably get where this is going because you see it every day in the newspaper. Some guy kills his wife to be with the girlfriend. You know this whole story has gone off the rails because everybody in the scenario is either dead or in custody as a direct consequence of desires gone unchecked, ill-considered or ignored altogether.


We want to keep our desires rational so that we can have a positive outcome. This is where using both sides of your brain comes in handy. The desire for a better job will give rise to a vision of what that may look like. This is the right-side of the brain where imagination, intuition, instinct and the picture-making function takes place. You may begin to imagine having your own business, becoming a consultant in your field or industry, teaching what you know by creating training programs or just looking for a better opportunity where you can shine instead of being sidelined and scorned. The rational approach, using the left side, are the steps you take to explore each of these options to uncover the best fit for your ultimate goal of moving beyond your current situation.

What you do not want to do is become attached or obsessed with any one option without allowing yourself to examine each potential choice as best you can. In other words, be patient. If your goal is to get a new job, then give yourself some time to explore other employers. It may turn out that you actually know more than the job requires and thus you might easily become an independent consultant or trainer instead of an employee. That could lead to a better income for you overall and a whole lot more freedom than the 9-5 grind offers.

The point here is allowing the desire to arise from the circumstance you are currently experiencing and creating potential solutions through visualization. Once you have a vision of something potentially better, even if it’s a bit fuzzy, the next step is creating the intention.


Intention is the key that opens all the doors to any manner of achievement or manifestation. Thus, in our example, if our goal is to discover a better opportunity for a potential job or more fulfilling work, our intention forms the direction we will undertake to achieve that goal.

It has been taught that goals need to be specific and achievable. Intentions do not work in the same manner. If we become too specific and fixed in our intentions we will screen out and ignore potential opportunities because they don’t appear to fit our vision or the goal. If you form an intention to get another job, you may not realize that the new “job” that materializes is a consulting gig that will bring you $100 an hour rather than a paltry $15 as an employee. Therefore, the intention you set needs to be more generalized rather than super specific.

In this example, you set an intention to create better income opportunities that are “fun and profitable” that will allow you “more freedom” and “unlimited income potential”, more “fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful” so that your “talents, gifts and knowledge “ are better appreciated and utilized. Now you know what direction you are headed in to achieve the overall goal of more fulfilling work.

By setting an intention in a more generalized manner, you are less likely to become obsessed and attached to a particular outcome. When you are less obsessed and attached to the outcome, you will soon discover that the Universe will provide you with all kinds of people, adventures, and opportunities you could never have conceived of in a limited scope of current information and experience. By allowing the Universe to actually deliver the goods, so to speak, you will, by and large, end up in a far better place than you thought remotely possible.


Lastly, we need to look at Willpower. This is the gas that gets the engine parts moving. Let’s face it, you can visualize until the cows come home and set all manner of intentions, but unless your will is engaged in the pursuit of your dreams, you might as well be watching reruns of the Walking Dead.

Your willpower doesn’t come from your mind, it comes from your heart. If your heart isn’t into it, whatever that may be, you are going nowhere fast. In this example, your heart is no longer into the current experience which has given rise to a desire to do something else. Your goal is to find that “something else” which gives rise to the intention to explore all the options that present themselves. Your willpower is fueled by focusing on your vision of what that may look like without being attached to the outcome. Given time, patience and focus, opportunity presents itself moving you toward your eventual goal of changing your current circumstances.

Maintaining your willpower, your vision and your heart’s desire necessarily requires discipline. It requires hope. It requires faith in yourself, your vision and your desire for change. Expect you will be tested in your resolve to achieve your goals. Out of nowhere will come people who will discourage you, circumstances or events that will challenge you, internal resistance that annoys you, and dead- ends and failures of every kind. Discipline sends you back to the drawing board again and again because your will to change, fueled by your heart’s desire, is more powerful and focused than the distractions and detractions that have arisen. You need to keep going, one step at a time, no matter what.

Eventually, and over time, you will uncover the path of least resistance where it all comes together for you. Never give up, never give in, yet remain flexible, open and allowing. Always remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

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